August 2020

August 2020 Newsletter

Central Minnesota Irrigators are asking for your membership. The
annual meeting was held in January at the Prairie Event Center. In an effort
to continue the mission to educate and promote irrigated agriculture a
number of presentations were provided. Plans are developing for 2021 and
we hope you can take advantage of this gathering.

Central Minnesota has had a long standing organization-longer than state
IAM organization- with continued annual meetings and updated goals. The
mission hasn’t changed much over 50 years. We are committed to protecting
our right to irrigate, practicing sound water use management, protecting
water resources and ensuring water resource sustainability. Our
memberships bring together voices to protect our water rights.

Irrigation continues to allow producers to feed a growing world healthy and
sustainable foods on our farms. Our organization will continue to educate
members but its’ ability to do so and also remain ahead of the regulators
depends on your membership. Don’t assume that what we have today will
be here tomorrow. A membership lets you be a part of legislative efforts
like Day on the Hill, lobbyist, presentations on current issues coming down
the pipe and help support the purchasing of education equipment related
to irrigation at our local high schools through a scholarship Central
Minnesota Irrigators provides.

Thank you to our members for your continued support.
If you have not submitted payment for 2020 please considering mailing the
$30 membership to Robert Keppers, Central Minnesota Irrigators Treasurer,
220 Bottlemiller Dr, Wadena, MN 56482

To download the full August 2020 Newsletter click here

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